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New Feature!  PayPal is finally here.

You can now pay your KPCA annual dues by credit card using PayPal.  Click on the PayNow link above...then click on "don't have a PayPal account".  This will take you to the secured page where your credit card info can be entered.  You will get an e-mail confirmation of your payment.
We hope you enjoy this convenient and safe feature.


Kensington Park Civic Association Meetings at Cornerstone Baptist Church Recreation Hall 6:45- 8:30

Membership Meetings:
May 12, July 14, September 8, November 10, December 8



Easter Egg Hunt April 19 10:00 am Calvary Chapel Playground

Kensington Park Community Clean-up April 26

County sponsored Neighborhood Clean up will be April 26th from 8:00-3:00.

 3 locations: Main Site  -27th Parkway and Lench Pl, Prudence Dr and Melgert Lane, and Randa Blvd and 24th Parkway





Speeding is still a huge problem in Kensington Park.  We can do our part by reporting speeders to 365-TAGS.  This is a Sarasota County Sheriff's Department hotline and tips are anonymous.  Let's protect our children, elderly, bicyclers, pets, and walkers!














Please send all comments, concerns, and ideas to



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