How You Can Help

2014 Volunteer Committees in Kensington Park

Public Affairs
Sends out e-mails, coordinates newsletter articles and layout. Stays in contact with county officials.

Security Patrol
Patrols neighborhood on designated day or days. Is aware of anything that seems suspicious or unusual behavior in accordance with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Dept.

Welcomes new residents and answers questions regarding neighborhood and county regulations. Gives them a packet of general information about their new neighborhood and Sarasota.

Actively recruits new members to join Kensington Park Civic Association.

Plans and implements community/neighborhood events. Works closely with the board members.

This committee will be made up of three members who are not elected officials of Kensington Park. They will recruit neighbors who desire to be elected officials/ Board Members for the upcoming year. These elections will take place at the December Association meeting.

Unit Director
Deliver newsletters in assigned area, answer questions about neighborhood regulations, welcome new neighbors, spot any violations, thank neighbors for improving their home, introduce yourself.

Working in a team environment on various landscape projects, improving common areas, keeping our streets free of litter-especially entrances. Having some basic equipment is helpful but not necessary. This committee is about helping neighbors and increasing property values at no cost to residents. Thanks to all neighbors who are already keeping Kensington Park looking great.

Fundraising Committee
Kensington Park is currently accepting and seeking volunteers for all committee positions. Get involved in your neighborhood and make a difference.


It is strongly recommended all committee volunteers be members of the KPCA

Please call Charlie Carson or any board member for more information at 941-773-3732.

KPCA Volunteer Unit Directors
Your Kensington Park Unit Directors are responsible for assisting the board with communications inside the neighborhood and also for distributing your newsletter door-to-door each time it comes out. We would like to thank all of them for volunteering with this effort.