Just Moved In?

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— If you have questions about Kensington Park, please reach out to the Civic Association via the contact page.

We wish to thank you for choosing Kensington Park as your new home. We are a volunteer civic organization for Kensington Park, which was established in 1956 on a 440-acre tract of land purchased from Schmidt’s Dairy Farm by the Paver family.

Since its inception, the continuing thought was to build well and to maintain a good reputation in the community. Kensington Park was the first such development to install a central water supply and a sewer system. Also, a first was the construction of a villa community wiht the 184 homes including appartments located on well paved winding streets.

The Gocio Elementary School, which is located at the north end of Kensington Park was opened in the fall of 1966.

The Kensington Park Civic Association was organized in 1958 as a non-profit, volunteered-staffed organization, run by and for all residents. There are over 1100 homes in Kensington Park.

The association has been responsible for the installation of over 200 street lights in the park, mail delivered to the door, beautification and lighting of our entrances, successfully contested utility overcharges and rate increases. We are in constant liaison with Sarasota County code enforcement officers for the removal of junk cars, debris and proper lot maintenance and the maintenance of the canals and streets. Also, the publishing of the KPCA newsletter, delivered to all residents.

The Board of Directors is chosen form and elected by members of the association. The board meets monthly to discuss and resolve county, state and other matters pertaining to Kensington Park. Meeting time and location of the general meeting is published in the KPCA newsletter and on its website. We also attend the County Commission meetings when we feel that there is a proposal that will affect Kensington Park.