Keep Kensington Park Beautiful

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Sarasota County Code Enforcement

  • Grass and Weeds may not exceed 12 inches in height
  • Junk and trash are prohibited from being left in the yard
  • All vehicles must be operable and have current license plates
  • Boats must operable and seaworthy and belong to the resident
  • Vehicles in excess of 6,000 pounds may not be parked, repaired, or stored in Kensington Park
  • RV’s are limited to one per house and may not be used for living, sleeping, housekeeping, or business
  • Signs may not be erected on the right of way
  • Home businesses may not include customers or employees going to and from your residence
  • Business materials may not be stored on the premises
  • Garbage and yard waste must be in trash cans, plastic bags, or tied. containers may not be put out prior to 5:00 pm Sunday and must be brought in by 10:00 am Tuesday. Containers must be stored in side or rear of your home (not in the front)
  • Barking dogs are prohibited from making objectionable noises for any length of time
  • All animals are to kept on your property and on a leash unless fenced

*****Violations may be reported to 941-861-5000 Sarasota County*****